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UNSA will support the students initiative to fight against corruption

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Oficina Universitaria de Informática y Sistemas
Dec 26, 2017

Fighting against corruption is one of the initiatives that UNSA is supervising at all its academic and administrative levels; This was announced by the Academic Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Ana María Gutiérrez Valdivia, in a meeting with visiting students from ILEE. San Martín de Porres, who formally delivered a letter promoting their “Anticorruption Education” Project

Dr. Ana María Gutiérrez, greeted and congratulated the student´s initiative to raise awareness to fight corruption. She committed the support of the university to help raise awareness of the issue within the campus community.
In addition, she made the students aware of the academic reforms made by UNSA in 2017, which allowed new courses in Ethics, National Reality, Ecology and General Studies; all with the intention of providing a comprehensive humanistic education to their students so that they are more empathetic people and citizens committed to the development of their region and the country.
The Director of the I.E. San Martín de Porres- CIRCA, Oswaldo Tanco Huamaní, thanked the Augustinian authority for hosting its students, and for strengthening their critical thinking skills.

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