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289 applicants submit projects to the LA UNSA INVESTIGA competition

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Oficina Universitaria de Informática y Sistemas
Dec 26, 2017

A total of 289 applicants, including teachers and Augustinian students, successfully registered their projects in the 7 financial schemes organised by the Vice-Rector for Research of the National University of San Agustín; what constitutes a record in the Investigation Contest 2017 that is financed with grants from the mining canon. The Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Horacio Barreda Tamayo, expressed his satisfaction for the high number of registered applicants, which shows the academic interest of teachers and students to encourage research; something that in the short term will place the Augustinian house in the highest ranked of the Peruvian university system.

Dr. Horacio Barreda reported that the official results of the 2017 undergraduate thesis, the 2017 master’s thesis, 2017 doctoral thesis and 2017 events will be published from December 13, 2017; while the master’s degree in research 2017, initial applied research 2017 and impact research programs 2017 will be published as of December 19, 2017. In the undergraduate thesis, 136 applicants were registered. The objectives of the thesis competition are to promote the original scientific, technological and humanistic research leading to the obtaining of the professional title; and contribute to the publication of scientific articles. In the master’s thesis scheme, 29 applicants were registered, whose objective is to promote scientific, technological and humanistic research leading to the attainment of the master’s degree, these works being original researches of high scientific level.
15 students were registered for the doctoral thesis path, while 20 registered for the program in scientific events.

In the research master’s degrees, there were 7 applicants who intend to train highly qualified scientists in the Agustina house and contribute to the development of priority areas of interest in the Arequipa región. In initial applied research, 73 projects were registered.In impact research, 9 applicants were registered and their research projects must contribute comprehensively in understanding and solving relevant problems of reality in the Arequipa Region.

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