School of Industrial Relations

Social Area

The professional in industrial Relations is trained to develop abilities and skills in the field of personnel administration,in line with regional characteristics and the peculiarities of organisation, valuing the worker as an element of company development,to achieve a greater competitivity and a level of all-round quality.


  • To develop abilities and skills in the field of personnel administration.
  • To investigate organisational problems,utilising techniques of communication and it's resources.
  • To propitiate workforce harmony through conciliation and negotiation.

Occupational Field

Acccording to the needs of Private enterprises (industrial,commercial and service industries) . Public institutions (Ministries,Regional and Municipal Government and others) Public/ private joint ventures; In all of these performing as Head of Personnel Relations and Head of Human Resources in specialised areas such as personnel administration,recruitment,selection,hiring, training,control,evaluation,qualification of personnel and renumeration administration. Labour relations,human relations in the workplace,security and industrial hygiene and occupational health,communication and investigation of the marketplace,and of human resources. He/she can independently generate his/her own enterprise,individually or in association with professional services,in this way acting as a consultant in the creation and organisation of SMEs. He can install his own consultancy RR.II.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Relations.
  • Professional Diploma in Industrial Relations.



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