System Engineering

Engineering Area

The system engineer is a professional capable of analysing,designing,investigating, developing and administrating all types of systems, applying basic sciences, information and communication technologies and the general theory of systems. The systems engineer is capable of integrating and optimizing organisational resources in order to make appropriate decisions, in addition to specifying and developing basic software and it’s application to generate a national technology.


To shape professionals with a solid knowledge in formal science and engineering, and with a specialised education in information technology,communications and systems.

Occupational Field

In Private and Public companies, in the areas of information automation. Consultant Companies and Contractors dedicated to the analysis, design and implementation of Information Systems. Management of Computer Centers and Computer Science. To carry out the profession in an open-minded way.University and Technical and Research

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years Academic Degree : Bachelor of Science in System Engineering. Diploma in Professional Systems Engineer


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