Biomedical Area

The doctor who joins the Faculty of Medicine must be a professional who would carry out medicine in a holistic,cientific,ethic al and humanistic way and should have a multi-faceted character with the ability to carry out successfully the work.The future student of medicine must have the ability to think and analyse the causes of sanitary problems and needs,framing their activities and future duties within ethical and ideological values.


  • To identify and define the needs and health problems of the community.
  • To asume a critical stance and be competent to study and investigate.
  • To use knowledge,ability and clinical skills and technological and complementary procedures.
  • To develop habits that would allow for the acquisition,conservation,growth and constant application of their knowledge,abilities and skills towards their fellow man.
  • To participate in management projects and programs in the institutional health sector,at a basic level.

Occupational Field

  • Public sector: Ministry of Health sectors. EsSalud, Health of the Armed Forces and National Police .University teaching.
  • Private sector:Clinics,laboratorios,labor Exchange,educational centers,institutes and center of higher education.
  • To carry out the profession in an open-minded way.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

  • Academic Degree : Bachelor of Medicine
  • Diploma in Professional Medical Surgery



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