School of Physics

Engineering Area

The Professional School of Physics in UNSA has as its objectives: Efficiently shape qualified professionals who can create infrastructure for scientific and technological investigation by utilising the natural resources of the region.To serve the community by providing qualified teaching personnel in Universities and Institutions of Higher Education with regard to Physics. To direct different lines of applied investigation and initiate studies which lead on to the scientific investigation of Physics.


  • To plan,direct and design physics experiments in the laboratory.
  • To participate in scientific and technological investigation. To investigate the use of non-conventional energy, nuclear energy and X rays.
  • To initiate investigation in Theoretical and/or Experimental Physics.

Occupational Field

  • The career in Physics has the following occupational field:
  • As a Teacher in Universities and Centers of Higher Education.
  • Researching Physics in Institutes and Centres of Investigation,as for example: The Peruvian Institute of Nuclear Energy (IPEN), Geophysical Institutes, etc.
  • As specialised personnel in support of companies,hospitals and institutions which have laboratories or technical equipment related to physics (X rays,radioactive sources,laser monitoring of experimental and electronic data etc.)

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Physics. Professional Diploma in Physics.


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