Ethical principles and values

In all thoughts and actions, respects the Constitution and Laws, ensuring that at all stages of the decision-making process or compliance with administrative procedures, the rights to defense and due process are respected.


To act with righteousness, honor, and honesty, seeking to satisfy the general interest and discarding any personal  gain or advantage obtained by the university orany intermediary.


Provides  quality  in each of the functions under its care, to leave a permanent solid and lasting mark on the students


Basic knowledge of technical, legal and moral issues is essential for an active and functioning public. The provider of such knowledge must deliver solid, truthful information. It must also engage in training in order to continue to grow and serve its constituents.


It is honest in all relations with the members of the institution, and the citizenry. It contributes its expertise when called on to clarify the facts.


To act with honesty and solidarity regarding all members, in compliance with legal ordinances and requests, to the extent that they align with our mission and vision, except in cases of arbitration or illegal acts, which will be handled at the appropriate officials.

Loyalty and obedience

It has a permanent disposition to fulfill its functions, granting to all what is due to him, acting fairly and equitably in relations with the State, constituents, superiors, subordinates and the citizenship in general.

Justice and Equity



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