School of Geological Engineering

Engineering Area

The Geological engineer is a professional with a scientific and technical background in the fields of mining geology, petroleum geology and geotechnics, he is thus qualified for the exploration, prospecting and evaluation of mineral deposits, oil and groundwater deposits, As well as to evaluate the geotechnical conditions of rocks and soils for the execution of civil engineering works and for the prevention of natural disasters.


  • Develop methodologies in the areas of exploitation, evaluation and exploration of natural resources (hydrocarbons, geotechnical, mining and hydrogeology). Activities in civil works and environment.
  • To observe, process, interpret and develop geomaterial models in the solution of terrestrial problems.
  • Adapt technology, creating a national technique in terms of geological instrumentation and methods.
  • Participate in risk and risk assessment studies of natural phenomena that represent potential hazards.

Occupational Field

  • Irrigation projects, energy production.
  • Metal and non-metal mining companies and industries
  • Oil companies.
  • As Geotechnist, Geologist of Security and Environment.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering Professional Diploma in Geological Engineering


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