School of Geophysical Engineering

Engineering Area

The Geophysical Engineer is a professional who applies the principles and practices of physics to the study of the Earth for the purpose of research, solution or mitigation of natural phenomena and the exploitation of their natural resources.


  • To develop methodologies in the field of exploration,evaluation and exploitation of natural resources (hydrocarbons,geotechnics,mining and hydrology).
  • To observe,process, interprete and develop geomathematical models in solving problems related to the Earth. Technological adaptation,creating national techniques with regard to geophysic and method instrumentation.
  • To participate in studies evaluating the dangers and risks of natural phenomena which represent potential dangers.
  • The technological adaptation, creating a national technique in terms of geophysical instrumentation and methods.

Occupational Field

Seismology,meteorology,vulcanology,hydrology,applied geophysics, mining geophysics,magnetism,gravometry. Basic studies in engineering work,geotechnics,mining geophysics, environmental geophysics, photo geology and remote control sensors. Independent professional and/or advisor to private and state operated companies.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years Bachelor’s degree of Geophysical Sciences. Professional Diploma in Geophysical Engineering


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