School of Social Work

Social Area

The Professional School of Social Work seeks to form a professional with a solid scientific, critical and humanistic education capable of: diagnosing social problems; propose, implement and evaluate social promotion and development projects; formulate social policy alternatives; Provide specialized care in therapy and social counseling; To promote the participation of the population in the solution of their social group and individual problems; Organise and manage social services.


  • To evaluate social promotion and development projects.
  • To formulate alternatives in therapy and social counseling.
  • To promote the participation of the population in the search for solutions to their problems.

Occupational Field

The graduate can work in different companies from the Public and Private Sector, in Local Governments (Municipalities), Basic Organizations (Unions, Guilds ,Local Associations, Non-Government Organisations, Farming Communities), Teaching in Universities and Institutes of Higher Education in the departments of Education, Health and Mining. In Family Courts, Prosecutors' Offices, Armed Forces: Army, FAP, PNP, Social Welfare Institutions.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

  • Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Social Work.
  • Professional Diploma in Social Work


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