School of Law

Social Area

The Faculty of Law at UNSA develops lawyers to think and act in a professional manner to the Legal Profession to prevent and resolve conflicts. It shapes lawyers who,belonging to a developing society in which social injustice is deeply entrenched,will use the law as a tool for social transformation by way of justice,the permanent defence of rights,scientific preparation and a whole range of qualities,such as the gifts of spirit and character.


  • The applicant for a career in Law,must seek to champion justice achieved by way of the truth.
  • The applicant must constantly defend the Law,not only through the scientific preparation received in the university but also through a whole range of qualities such as the gifts of spirit and character.

Occupational Field

As a Lawyer,Consultant , Defence Counsel, Magistrate,Public Prosecutor, Legal Advisor in Public and Private Institutions such as Public Notary,Professor of Law, Mediating in Conflicts of Law as a legal investigator.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

  • Duration: 6 years.
  • Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Law.
  • Professional Diploma in Law.



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