Computer Science

Engineering Area

The Professional School of Computing Science has the objective of shaping professional competence to identify problems of the real world,to put forward new solutions,or improve those already in existence, to carry out a given project by means of of constructing computational models,and their implementation. The work demands a constant interaction with the scientific community for the purpose of developing new expertise and computational techniques.


Our professionals of computational science are capable of acting together in the workplace in activities which use computational resources in the implementation of products,and in investigative teaching activities usually linked to an institution of higher education. They must be able to resolve problems which can vary according to the specifications of each implementation:
  • Modelling and specifying problems of the real world.
  • Implementing computer solutions on a large scale.
  • Validating and transmitting the solution to a problem in an effective way and in agreement with the abstraction of an authentic problem.

Occupational Field

The professional in Computer Sciences is competent to work out problems,automating aspects of the real world in any field of human expertise. The professional can,therefore, construct computer models to support medicine, engineering, law, social sciences etc. In particular the profesional can even construct models to facilitate further construction of his own computer models. As an example we can say that the graduate in Computer sciences can develop computer models for application in areas such as: Bioinformatics, graphic computation, formal method in engineering software, parallel and distribution systems, artificial intelligence, ubiquitous computation, web semantics, evolutionary computation, visual computation,etc. This formation allows graduates to work towards resolving important computer problems in business and/or scientific sector institutions, and to lead innovative technological computer projects which propel the development of industrial software.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years Academic Degree : Bachelor of Computer Science Diploma in Computer Science



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