School of Mining Engineering

Engineering Area

The Mining Engineer must be a professional with formal ,integrated training, that is technical, humanistic and social, that enables him to efficiently exercise his profession and fulfill his obligations as a responsible and active member of his community. On the other hand, the Mining Engineer for his solid training in physical sciences and mathematics is qualified to apply scientific methods, in administrative and managerial sciences and some optimization techniques, that allow him to efficiently develop his activities.


  • Exercise and perform efficiently, responsibly, and ethically, the work entrusted to him as leader.
  • Perform supervision work in companies, entities and institutions of the private or public sector, small, medium and large mining operation, whether underground or surface.

Occupational Field

  • Mine planning, drilling and blasting, extraction and transport of minerals, etc. Control and evaluation of production and its output.
  • High level General management and supervision.
  • Independent professional as (consultant and / or adviser) in various services, exploitation, extraction, transport, optimization of the different methods in use in security and environment.
  • University teaching.
  • Public Sector: Ministry of Energy and Mines, Public Mining Registry, Mining and Metallurgical Geological Institute.
  • Private sector: Analysis of mining systems, consulting and / or consulting in mining companies, mining expertise, mining and environmental safety control and advisory, commercialization of metallic and non-metallic minerals, formulation of mining projects.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years Academic Degree: Bachelor in Science of Mining Engineering Professional Diploma in Mining Engineering.



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