Biomedical Area

Biology is the science devoted to the study of human beings,from the morphological,physiological,biochemical,developmental and evolutionary point of view.It comprises biology of health,aquatic biology,industrial and terrestrial biology.


  • To study unity,diversity,continuity and integration of human beings explained by way of organic evaluation.
  • To develop the ability to apply acquired expertise in solving local,regional and national problems.
  • To carry out inventories of natural renewable resources,( zoological,botanical and soil studies.)
  • To carry out investigation in the areas of molecular biology,biomedical,agricultural, livestock, forest,fishing and industrial biology, (especially those related to biotic products),ecological observation,impact ,and environmental biotechnology.

Occupational Field

The Professional graduated from the Professional and Academic School of Biology, is able to work efficiently individually and in groups: Public: Ministry of Health, Fisheries, Agriculture, Industry and Tourism. Education, Energy and Mines, Universities, INRENA, IPEN, IMARPE, Municipalities. Private: Food, Drug, Forestry and Biotechnology Industry. Military Institutions: Police, Aviation, Army. Teaching: Universities, Higher Institutes. To carry out the profession in an open-minded way: Consultancies and specialized consultancies, extension and biological research.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Biological Sciences Diplomas in Professional Biologist Duration: 5 year


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