Admission to the University

Forms of admission to the University

What are the forms for admission to the university

  • General exam
  • Center for Pre-university Studies
  • External transfers

Who can participate?

Those who have completed their secondary education or who are currently studying in their fifth year of secondary education .
For foreigners whose studies have been validated in the Ministry of Education and are equivalent to the secondary education that is taught in Peru.

What form do the evaluations take?

An evaluation is made, based on the following criteria: Verbal Reasoning 25% Mathematical Logical Reasoning 25% Knowledge 50%

Who must take the Vocational Profile exam?

Only applicants to the Faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Architecture, the School of Arts of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities and the Schools of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics of the Faculty of Natural and Formal Sciences.

The following percentage assessment is considered: a) For applicants to the Faculty of Medicine 30% b) For applicants to the Faculty of Nursing 40% c) For applicants to the Faculty of Architecture 40% d) For applicants to the School of Arts 50% e) For applicants to the Schools of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics 30%

Application through special admissions process “Convenio Andrés Bello”

Convenio Andrés Bello is celebrated among Latin American countries in order to reciprocally exchange slots between member countries.

How are applications through the Andres Bello agreement special applications process evaluated?

They must enroll in the CEPRUNSA special course program, and they will be evaluated with a Vocational Profile test with the following components: Logical-mathematical reasoning 50% Verbal reasoning 50%

Are there specific requirements for this form?

For registration, the applicant must submit, in addition to the requirements set forth in Article 48 of these Regulations, the following:

  1. Photocopy of the Immigration Card, Passport or Identity Card.
  2. Photocopy of the consular certificate indicating their address in the country.
  3. Secondary school certifícate for years1 -5 or something similar, endorsed by the respective Peruvian Consulate, in Spanish and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for applicants wishing to start their university studies), with observance of the Apostilled as per Hague Convention.
  4. Certificate of studies accompanied by the syllabi of the subjects approved, stamped and approved by the university of origin (for applicants who wish to continue their university studies).

Contact University Admission Office

Phone: 054 287657

Center for Pre-university Studies

San Agustin Street 107 – Cercado – Arequipa – Perú
Phone: 054 221504

Website: http: //admisió

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