Art and Culture

University Theater

It is one of the oldest active theater groups in the city of Arequipa, and has had as directors such outstanding artists as Sergio Arrau, Carlos Gassols, or Luis Álvarez Oquendo. All of them worked to achieve the group's mission: to spread art and culture to the interior and exterior of the UNSA, thus helping the development of the city and the country.

The cast is made up of university students who receive basic acting training upon entering and throughout their first year of residence, and then join the cast. In this way, the TEUNSA can contribute to the dissemination of art and culture in the city, and outside it as well.

Ballet Folklorico

With a broad repertoire full of colorful elegance and professionalism, Ballet Folklorico has been representing our first Superior House of Studies since its foundation in 1971; participating in important local, regional, national and international events, obtaining great prestige and above all a high artistic level.

Our folkloric dances practiced in all their splendor and rich colors of costumes artistically express the relationship of man and the earth in which the movements of the body are the harmonious expression of the artistic work of the races that make up our Peru.

University Tuna

Founded in 1968, close to reaching 50 years of activity, Arequipa's cultural heritage. The University Tuna is made up of Augustinian students from all professional schools who like music and this unique experience. Members learn different instruments under the musical direction of Prof. Leoncio Barrenechea Montesinos and participate in local, national and international events.

The university Tuna is under the coordination of the office of promotion of art, culture, recreation and sports

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