Nursing College

Biomedical Area

The nursing profesional offers integral care and fulfills the necessities that arise from the health expectations of individuals,families,and others within the framework of the relevant regional social model where it is performed . At all times,he or she should act professionally and with integrity,compromise and respect for cultural and adherence to ethical and moral principals.


  • To exercise the profession independently, to provide all-round attention to people in their environment,applying cientific and technical advances with fairness,efficiency and quality.
  • To be able to intervene in providing health services to individuals and groups.
  • To assume transformative leadership in health institutions and in the community,with attention to optimising the lives of the population.
  • To develop scientific and technological investigation to produce innovations in nursing and health.

Occupational Field

  • Public sector: Ministry of Health, Health of the Armed forces and National Police.
  • Private sector: Clinics, laboratories, labou r exchanges, educational centres, institutes and centres of higher education.
  • To carry out the profession in an open-minded way.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration : 5 years Acedemic degree: Bachelor of Nursing. Diploma in Professional Nursing.


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