School of Chemistry

Engineering Area

The Professional School of Chemistry offers high-level training with a deep and applied knowledge in method and technical development, to solve problems of a technical scientific nature in the field of pure and applied chemistry. The Chemist is a total professional who is familiar with national reality and resources which are basic to the process,being qualified to investigate chemical phenomena through tests and/or analysis for the purpose of elaborating or perfecting materials and products,as well as carrying out analysis and quality control at different stages of production in agreement with national and international regulations,complemented with the capacity to direct,manage and administrate chemical laboratories and investigative projects in industrial companies,in service industries and in universities.


  • To prepare professionals with a deep and applied knowledge enabling him/her to describe,analyse,apply and resolve problems in the transformation of materials and energy.
  • To shape professionals with a distinguished scientific and technological capacity.
  • To prepare for pure and applied investigation in different lines or fields of organic and inorganic chemistry and of physical chemistry according to national and regional requirements
  • To prepare for organising and directing laboratories of chemical analysis (quality control) in industrial companies, in food, metallurgy,mining exploration,textiles,plastics,metal mechanics,cement,floors, etc.

Occupational Field

  • In the area of quality control,management and development of the industry,such as: Metal Mechanics,Food,Mining,Metallurgy,Galvotechnics,Farming industry,Plastics, Paper.
  • Direction and participation in investigative projects,development, management and administration in industry and in companies.
  • Chemistry education at University and Institutional levels.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years
Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.
Professional Diploma in Chemistry


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