School of Administration

Social Area

Administrative sciences are directed to offer the knowledge necessary for shaping”business leaders” , on the basis of their philosophy and doctrine,with guidance toward company leadership and management in any public or private organisation. The student of Administrative Science will have a sound professional and practical education which will allow him to acquire a broad criteria and company culture,supported by technical and scientific advancement in order to make decisions and in this way will achieve management enterprise based on values of honesty, integrity,social sensitivity,capacity to motivate and to communicate and be ready to face up to the demands which company work requires of him.


  • Optimise the output of companies.
  • Supervise the workings of companies.
  • Solve organized business problems.

Occupational Field

The graduate in Administration can work in all sectors of economic activity. Likewise,his professional education permits him to promote,create and administrate his own company,favouring the development of this sector within the sphere of globalisation. Also he can undertake work as a Consultant,Administrative Auditor,University Teacher and Scientific Investigator,as well as playing an efficient part in posts which imply responsibility.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Administration.
  • Professional Diploma in Administration



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