School of Chemical Engineering

Engineering Area

The Chemical engineer makes use of the chemical and physical transformations which raw materials undergo to obtain specific products, or services useful to man. He also employs forms and procedures to achieve these transformations, making use of efficient processes through which to design and specify equipment, machinery and measures of control with which to develop these processes. To achieve this, the Chemical engineer bases his knowledge on chemistry, physics, mathematics with especial focus on physiochemistry and thermodynamics. Likewise, he requires humanistic knowledge in management, economy, administration and artistic culture.


To play a part in investigation and creation of technology. Plan, organise, administer, control and advise activities proper to the industry. Formulate and develop projects and installation of industrial plants.

Occupational Field

The chemical engineer works in processing plants that manufacture chemical products, in environmental control, in water treatment, investigation, teaching etc.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

  • Duration: 5 years.
  • Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.
  • Professional Diploma in Chemical Engineering.


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