School of Arts

Social Area

The School of Arts offers two specialities: Visual Arts and music. In visual arts the professional is shaped with the capacity to master and develop skills and attitudes appropiate to the visual arts,such as: sketching,painting,engraving and creative modelling using different techniques in both traditional and modern materials. In music,the professional is shaped to be able to master and develop abilities and skills to the musician,such as interpretation,musical technique and correct analysis to a given instrument.


  • To master and develop abilities and skills unique to the artist.
  • To demonstrate experience,knowledge,musical and plastic culture,professionally and as a service for the development of culture.

Occupational Field

Visual Arts: Professional plastic artist,qualified to carry out individual and collective exhibitions with a control in the different techniques and in both traditional and modern materials. Be able to simultaneously develop themselves in design activities,photographic and artistic illustration specific in graphic design. Individual and collective exhibitions,graphic design for advertising, art critic,university teaching,exercising the profession open-mindedly. Music: Preparation as a soloist or integrated into a music group, symphonic orchestral instrumentalist and/or popular groups,bands and chorus directors at an educational level,university or higher-education teachers and musical arrangers.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Academic Degreee: Bachelor of Science in Arts.
  • Professional Diploma in Arts focused on Music and Visual arts.


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