Fishery engineering

Biomedical Area

Fishery engineering is a branch of engineering disciplines which are placed among sciences relating to food. It can be defined as the application of science and technology dealing with the cultivation,extraction,conservation,transformation,packaging,distribution and utilization of hydro-biological resources. Within these guidelines it deals with a career linked to the problematic food industry of our region and country.


  • To propitiate the rational use of hydro-biological resources,implementing technologies which minimise environmental contamination and increase efficiency and productivity of the different areas of the fishing sector.
  • To manage hydro-biological resources from a social,economic and managerial point of view.

Occupational Field

Industrial: Fishing and the catching of molluscs. Preservation factories. Frozen fish factories. Flour and fish-oil factories. Commercial: Exportation of fish products. Direct sales, marketing services. Investigative projects, Ministries of certification and assessments. Non-governmental organizations. Naval institutes,etc.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years Academic Degrees: Bachelor of Fishery Engineering Diploma in professional Fishery Engineer.


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