School of Industrial Food Engineering

Engineering Area

Industrial Food Engineering utilises scientific methods and techniques to investigate, design, operate, control and optimisation of processes intended to transform and / or conserve raw materials in the production of food. The Food Industry Engineer therefore projects, organises and supervises the production and / or conservation of foodstuffs on an industrial scale. Students following this career require an aptitude in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.Likewise in a managerial vocation.


  • Organise and supervise food production plants.
  • Carry out quality control, operations and management of food production factories.
  • Formulate and evaluate investment projects and investigate the utilisation of agricultural resources in a scientific and technical way.
  • Carry out necessary and appropriate work in management towards the better conservation and storage of foodstuffs by way of recurrent quality control and an organic evaluation of foodstuffs.

Occupational Field

The Industrial Food Engineer carries out the following work within the Food Industry:

  • Project Management for the development enhancement and or conservation of products ( beef,dairy,fruit,etc.)
  • Directing Productive Processes, Optimising existing products.
  • Developing quality products in the area of foodstuffs
  • Advicing and consulting.
  • Investigation within the area of foodstuffs

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Food Engineering Diploma: Professional in Food Industry Engineer


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