School of Metallurgical Engineering

Engineering Area

The role of Metallurgical Engineering is related to the mineral processing, as well as the subsequent transformation into consumer or capital goods, which contribute to the development and well-being of human life.


  • Design and optimize metallurgical processes and operations in the area of extractive and transformative metallurgy.
  • Formulate, manage and administer companies related to the metallurgical industry.
  • To investigate and apply scientific and technological knowledge according to our reality in mineral processing.
  • Formulate solutions to mitigate the impacts of metallurgical processes on the environment.

Occupational Field

The Metallurgy Engineer, upon graduation, is able to act and work in:

  • Plants focused on metallic and non-metallic minerals.
  • Plants focused on Pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes for obtaining metals.
  • Metal refineries, and plants designed for the production of iron and steel; Metal Casting & Forming.
  • Heat treatment, metal structures, alloying, specialized welding, metal mechanics, and galvanotechnics industries.
  • Quality control Companies, auditing, and metallurgical mining, commercialization of minerals, concentrates and metals.
  • Marketing of supplies or raw materials for the metallurgical industry.
  • Investigation Institute.
  • Entrepreneurship and Higher Education.

Duration, Degrees and Diplomas

Duration: 5 years Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering Professional Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering



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