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Rector meets with the delegation of Poznań- Poland, at the International Scholarship Fair

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Oficina Universitaria de Informática y Sistemas
Dec 26, 2017

Dr. Rohel Sánchez Sánchez, rector of our university met with the delegation of Poznań – Poland, which represents the Universities of Adam Mickiewicz, Polytechnic University of Poznań and University of Agriculture and Natural Sciences of Poznań.
The purpose of the meeting is to create strategic alliances in various fields such as student and teacher mobility; language development and intercultural relations, cross-campus thesis development, biotechnology research projects and other fields; projects to develop programs with Erasmus +, among other academic activities of research and technological innovation that allow UNSA to be competetive in these fields in Latin American.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. José Luis Vargas Gutiérrez, Head of the University Office of Cooperation, Agreements, Internationalization, Scholarships and Internships of the UNSA, Marcena Wodinska Member of the Council of the Regional Government of Poznań, Matgorzata Waszak President of the Commission of Education of the Region of Wielkspoloska, Dorota Kinal Director of the Department of Education, Slawomir Hine Vice-president of the Commission of Education and Anna Markiewicz Director of the Office of International Cooperation.

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