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May 02, 2020

The Minister of Education described this act as historical.

The National University of San Agustín de Arequipa in coordination with the Ministry of Education of Peru, inaugurated the 2020 Academic Year through a videoconference.

The virtual conference was attended by the Minister of Education, Dr. Martín Benavides Abanto; the Rector of the UNSA, Dr. Rohel Sánchez Sánchez, the Academic Vice-rector, Dr. Ana María Gutiérrez Valdivia, the Vice-rector for Research, Dr. Horacio Barreda Tamayo, the full University Council, student representatives and the Augustinian community through the social networks.

During the virtual inauguration of the academic year, the Minister of Education highlighted the work of the current management of the Casa Agustina that assumed this process accordingly, pointing out that the academic bond cannot be lost, therefore the social ties will be maintained.

The head of the Education Portfolio, stated that the actions taken by the Augustinian authorities are an example because multiple resources of the university are made available to students so that they do not remain disconnected.

Benavides Abanto, stressed that the executive will closely accompany public universities through the General Directorate of Higher University Education (DIGESU).

Complying with the security protocols dictated by the Government, UNSA becomes the first public university nationwide to restart its academic work under the modality of not attending, thus allowing 22 thousand students to start the semester 2020 from the security of their homes -A using more than 4,500 virtual classrooms.

This virtual platform was developed by the University Directorate for Information and Communication Technologies (DUTIC), which fully complies with the guidelines for adapting non-contact education approved by the University Council.

It is important to mention that the academic year declared in emergency will be flexible with the completion dates of the studies, which is why during this 2020 there will be 3 semesters.

In the semester “A” that started on Monday 20, compliance with the teaching hours and the number of credits of each subject is guaranteed. Thanks to flexibility, semester “B” will be able to advance courses in addition to receiving subjects from the other semesters. The period “C” will be destined to the students who achieved their entry this year and will tentatively run from June.

During this virtual ceremony that marks the national academic history, the maximum authority of the Augustinian House, pointed out that 2020 will not be any year, because it will be part of our lives more than any other, stressing that the Augustinians will continue, with good will, seriousness and hope.

He also pointed out that by agreement of the University Council, compliance with educational quality standards is guaranteed, abiding by the guidelines set forth by UNESCO, MINEDU and SUNEDU, in addition to the current Augustinian policy that “no student can be left without access to education”.

Compliance with the virtual teaching-learning process (asynchronous) is guaranteed due to the fact that virtual classrooms were enabled for the 59 study programs offered by the UNSA, being this medium the one that will be used for the students to present their tasks, works and other requirements assigned by the teacher.

Access to the Augustinian university platform can be done from any device connected to the internet (computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone).

Finally, the rector also pointed out that the executive will be requested in a timely manner the necessary resources to meet the need of those students and teachers who due to their economic situation do not have access to Internet connectivity to participate in virtual classes.

Dr. Ana María Gutiérrez, in her welcoming remarks, highlighted that the UNSA has joined forces to guarantee the continuity of the educational service to the nearly 22 thousand students who begin their academic work by adapting non-contact education.

He explained that for 3 and a half years the Academic Vice-Rector’s Office has proposed the administrative restructuring of this dependency with the creation of various University Directions including: Information and Communication Technologies (DUTIC), Teaching Development (DUDD) and Student Development (DUDE), strengthening at this time the competences of the teachers, as well as the virtual infrastructure; counting for this with human and administrative resources to provide support to this new system.

“We are not a university that provides virtual education, but we will make a great effort for our students, we are sure that our teachers will face this great challenge with capacity, creativity, flexibility and will inspire their students to learn and take advantage of this new modality”, highlighted the academic authority.

She invoked the students who must present in this period, discipline, perseverance, order, organization in their time, ethics in the assigned tasks, search for excellence in what they undertake, tolerance in difficulties; To achieve the scheduled competencies, he also reminded them that the valuable thing that is achieved in this life requires dedication and effort.

Finally, he urged teachers and the university community to join forces when difficulties or criticism arise to face everything that may come in this time that is perhaps new for everyone.

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