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UNSA and the University of Salamanca signed an agreement to create the Perú Chair

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Dec 06, 2019

Augustinian teachers will do internships in Spain spreading their research

The National University of San Agustín de Arequipa and the University of Salamanca (Spain), signed the Joint Declaration to create the Peru Chair, a space where university professors will have the opportunity to expose large Peruvian subjects linked to the areas of science through keynote lectures Social and humanities.

The Peru Chair will be a powerful association that will function from the second half of next year and will be beneficial for the social development of Latin America, which will have the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be strengthened with the participation of the National University of San Marcos and the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

The highest Augustinian authority, Dr. Rohel Sánchez Sánchez, said that this alliance will allow the exchange of professionals in health sciences, artificial intelligence, robotics and issues related to the work of law, humanities and philosophy, engineering. “Each Dean must send their proposals for specific agreements,” he said.


“It is an honor to collaborate with the best Universities of Peru, and specifically with UNSA because it is demonstrating its bold and successful policies in research and teaching, they have demonstrated their capacity in science and progress, the rector Rohel Sánchez has given me examples to develop lines of action in Salamanca on good management, ”said the Rector of Salamanca, Dr. Ricardo Rivero Ortega.

Both authorities also signed the Joint Intention Letter (addendum) to extend the scope of the agreement with the UNSA Graduate School in the following modalities: Double degree, Single Programs, Postgraduate Subjects and Diplomas and Implementation of Thesis Co-advice .

On June 14, 2017, the Basic Agreement of international university collaboration between the University of Salamanca and UNSA was signed to establish joint collaboration programs, covering the general scope of research, teaching and cultural and sports activities.

For two days the rector of the University of Salamanca. Dr. Hugo Rivero Ortega, visited the areas of Social, Biomedical and Engineering of the UNSA, to see in situ the progress and implementation of the laboratories thanks to the scientific research that is financed with the resources of the mining canon.

UNSA recognized the distinguished Spanish visitor as Doctor Honoris Causa for his internationally recognized career. The lawyer Rivero Ortega gave a keynote talk to law students, with the theme “Past, present and future of José Luis Bustamante y Rivero in International Law”

Rivero Ortega, in an analysis of life and work, rescued the virtues and talents of who was President of Peru in 1945. ”Bustamante and Rivero Illustrious thinker, a man with a vision beyond, his speech was advanced in time , reflects the best values ​​of a city, which apart from the political center of the country Arequipa, has the ability to reflect from a distance looking towards the important and not only the urgent or the short-term interest on what the country and the world needs, ”he said. before an auditorium full of law students and teachers.

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